Coarse amylene

Product introduction:

This product is a crude iso-amyl dilute product which is made from the cracking carbon 5 in the process of petroleum cracking to ethylene by rectification.

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Products indicators:

ItemUnitIndicatorsDetection method
Appearance Clear and transparent liquid,no mechanical impuritiesVisual inspection
Carbon fourwt%≤7.0SH/T 1790
Isoamyl enewt%≥18.0SH/T 1790
Five other carbonwt%≤75.0SH/T 1790
Carbon 6 and over carbon 6 recombinationwt%≤8.0SH/T 1790
Moisturewt%≤0.05SH/T 6283

Packing, storage and transportation:

Steel storage tank is used for storage, and steel tank car can be used for transportation.

Should prevent exposure to the sun, rain, transport vehicles should be clean and dry./p>

It shall comply with the relevant regulations of the transportation department on the transport of dangerous goods.

Application field:

Mainly used in the production of petroleum resins, refined isoprene and fuel components. Mainly used in the production of unsaturated polyester resin, double ring petroleum resin, etc.