M-pentadiene petroleum resin

Product introduction:

This product takes m-pentadiene as the main raw material, is a thermoplastic functional low molecular polymer formed by the polymerization of unsaturated aliphatic olefin and diolefin, which mainly plays the role of viscosifying. Its color is light yellow, with excellent solubility, compatibility, adhesion, water resistance, weather resistance, thermal stability, acid and alkali with chemical stability. Soluble with many solvents other than alcohol, good compatibility with vegetable oil, natural resin, synthetic resin, plasticizer, etc.

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Products indicators:

Name/itemTypeSoftening pointHueApplication to recommend
DR-2095C595±540 maxRubber tires,pressure sensitive adhesive
DR-1304C5100±540 maxPressure sensitive adhesive
DR-1315C5115±540 maxPressure sensitive adhesive
DR-2173C5/C990±570 maxRubber tires,pressure sensitive adhesive
DR-2203C5/C992±540 maxHot melt adhesive,pressure sensitive adhesive
DR-1200SC5/Acid100±540 maxHot melt road marking paint

Packing, storage and transportation:

Product standard packaging using FFS heavy packaging bag (single net weight of 25Kg) or 500Kg woven bag packaging.

Keep away from fire during transportation, and prevent from sun, rain and hook.

Store in ventilated, cool and dry place.