Hydrogenated DCPD petroleum resin

Product introduction:

Hydrogenated DCPD petroleum resin is made of dicyclopentadiene under certain temperature and pressure, through polymerization, hydrogenation, refining and other procedures after the production of resin products, appearance is colorless transparent particles. It is used in pressure sensitive adhesive and hot melt adhesive products, especially in applications requiring high color and odor, such as medical care, non-woven fabric products and automobile interiors.

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Products indicators:

Name/itemTypeSoftening pointHueApplication to recommend
DR-5395The whole hydrogenation90-1002.2 maxSIS、SEBS、EVA、PO、APAO class adhesive,plastic film,etc
DR-5300100-1102.2 max
DR-5320120-1302.2 max
DR-5340135-1452.2 max
DR-5400Partial hydrogenation100-1064.5 max
DR-5420115-1214.5 max

Packing, storage and transportation:

Product standard packaging using FFS heavy packaging bag (single net weight of 25Kg) or 500Kg woven bag packaging.

Keep away from fire during transportation, and prevent from sun, rain and hook.

Store in ventilated, cool and dry place.