Carbon nine hydride petroleum resin

Product introduction:

Hydrogenated petroleum resin is a water-white thermoplastic resin with DCPD, styrene and indene as the main active components in cracking C9 fraction. The basic resin (yellow resin) is formed by polymerization process and then hydrogenated under high pressure. Through hydrogenation can make the resin in the double bond saturation and remove the residual halogen, sulfur and other impurities, so that the resin becomes colorless, no special odor, and improve its adhesion, stability.

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Products indicators:

Name/itemSoftening pointAppearanceYellow index YiAromaticityApplication
DR5500100±5White water<2.2/Hot melt glue,Eisai glue
DR5510110±5White water<2.2/Hot melt glue,Eisai glue
DR5520120±5White water<2.2/Hot melt adhesive,pressure sensitive adhesive
DR5530130±5White water<2.2/Hot melt adhesive,pressure sensitive adhesive
DR559090±5White water<2.2/Eisai glue,hot melt glue,beauty products
DR5600100±5White water<3.59~12%Eisai glue,hot melt glue,beauty products
DR5610110±5White water<3.59~12%Eisai glue,hot melt glue,beauty products
DR5620120±5White water<3.58~11%Pressure sensitive adhesive,hot melt adhesive
DR5630130±5White water<4.55~10%Pressure sensitive adhesive,hot melt adhesive
DR569090±5White water<4.59~15%Pressure sensitive adhesive,hot melt adhesive

Packing, storage and transportation:

Product standard packaging using FFS heavy packaging bag (single net weight of 25Kg) or 500Kg woven bag packaging.

Keep away from fire during transportation, and prevent from sun, rain and hook.

Store in ventilated, cool and dry place.