Carbon nine petroleum resins

Product introduction:

This product is a kind of thermoplastic low molecular weight polymer with resin oil (main active components indene and formindene) as raw material and produced by catalytic polymerization process. It is light yellow particles with good miscibility, resistance to water, ethanol and other chemicals, and has the characteristics of good viscosity regulation and good thermal stability. Mainly used as accelerator, regulator and modifier in hot melt adhesive, coating and rubber field.

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Products indicators:

Name/itemTypeSoftening pointHueApplication to recommend
DR-200C9100±57 maxHot melt adhesive,sealant,construction adhesive,coating,rubber,modified asphalt
DR-220C9100±57 maxHot melt adhesive,sealant,solvent adhesive,coating,modified asphalt
DR-240C9100±510 maxSBC-based adhesives,sealants,solvent adhesives,building adhesives,coatings,modified asphalt
DR-250C9100±510 maxSBC-based adhesive,solvent adhesive,construction adhesive,coating,high performance tires,modified asphalt
DR-9510C9/C5100±58 maxHot melt adhesive,construction adhesive,rubber processing additives,coatings,modified asphalt
DR-9511C9/C5100±58 max
DR-1069C9/Pure Monomer100±512 max

Packing, storage and transportation:

Product standard packaging using FFS heavy packaging bag (single net weight of 25Kg) or 500Kg woven bag packaging.

Keep away from fire during transportation, and prevent from sun, rain and hook.

Store in ventilated, cool and dry place.