M-pentadiene for industrial use

Product introduction:

This product is made of m-pentadiene for industrial use by distillation and extraction distillation, which is based on the cracking carbon 5 in the process of petroleum cracking to ethylene.

Chemical name: 1, 3-pentadiene, including trans-1, 3-pentadiene and cis-1, 3-pentadiene, also known as m-pentadiene.

Structure of short form:CH3CH=CHCH=CH2

Molecular formula:C5H8

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Products indicators:

ItemUnitIndicatorsTest method
superior productstop quality productsqualified products
appearance Clear and transparent liquid,no mechanical impuritiesvisual inspection
chroma(Pt-Co)number≤100≤200≤200GB/T 3143
dicyclopentadienewt%≥85.0≥80.0≥75.0SH/T 1806
C6 and light components below C6wt%≤3.0≤5.0-
Carbon has more than 10 componentswt%≤3.0--
moisturewt%≤0.020≤0.020no free waterGB/T 6283
*The content of dicyclopentadiene refers only to bridged ring dicyclopentadiene

Packing, storage and transportation:

Steel storage tank is used for storage, and steel tank car can be used for transportation.

Should prevent exposure to the sun, rain, transport vehicles should be clean and dry./p>

It shall comply with the relevant regulations of the transportation department on the transport of dangerous goods.

Application field:

It is mainly used in the production of aliphatic petroleum resin, followed by curing agent, etc., and can also be used as a flavor for the synthesis of leaf alcohol, β-macarone, and the raw material of higher rocket fuel.