Isoprene for industrial use

Product introduction:

  1. This product is an isoprene product for industrial use, which is made from pyrolysis carbon 5 in the process of petroleum cracking to ethylene by distillation and extraction distillation.

Chemical name: 2-methyl-1, 3-butadiene, also known as isoprene.

Structure of short form:CH2=C(CH3)CH=CH2

Molecular formula:C5H8

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Products indicators:

Indicators projectUnitIndicatorsAnalysis method
Polymer gradeChemical grade
First class productsQualified products-
Appearance Clear and transparent liquid,no mechanical impuritiesVisual inspection
Chroma(Pt-Co)Number≤30≤30≤100GB/T 3143
Isoprenewt%≥99.5≥99.2≥98.5SH/T 1782
Isoprene dimerwt%≤0.15≤0.20-
Alkanes and monoolefinswt%≤0.50≤0.80-
Cyclopentadieneppm≤3≤58~11%Pressure sensitive adhesive,hot melt adhesive
Total alkyneppm≤30≤50-
Between pentadieneppm≤50≤80-
Extraction solventppm≤5≤10-SH/T 1784
Sulfurppm≤5≤10-SH/T 0689
Carbonyl compounds(as ether)ppm≤5≤10-GB 1788
Moisturewt%≤0.02≤0.02≤0.03GB/T 6283
Polymerization inhibitorwt%0.004~0.02GB/T 6020

Packing, storage and transportation:

Steel storage tank is used for storage, and steel tank car can be used for transportation.

Should prevent exposure to the sun, rain, transport vehicles should be clean and dry./p>

It shall comply with the relevant regulations of the transportation department on the transport of dangerous goods.

Application field:

The main production of polyisoprene rubber, thermoplastic elastomer SIS, butyl rubber, etc. Can also be used in the production of vitamins, drugs, spices, epoxy hardener and other fine chemical products.